Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Splendor Mtn GA

Judge Judy listened tentatively as to whether or not Mrs. Brown is found guilty of being a Christian or not. Mrs. Brown by all means looks and appears to be a Christian. She wears the attire, has the fish on her car, listens to Christian music, is at the church every time the doors are open......but is she really a Christian?
The jury had to return a unanimous ruling. This did not happen. So Judge Judy reviewed all the testimony and came to her own conclusion that Mrs. Brown is in fact a Christian. (Mrs. Brown was also Judge Judy's roomie) What a great skit. It gets you thinking about whether we walk through our life playing church or do we really represent Christ with a loving, compassionate life of God's grace extended to all we meet.
Would you be found guilty of being a Christian?

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