Thursday, November 11, 2010

Loving this fall weather!

Isn't it great to have cooler weather. It puts me in the mindset of the holidays that are almost here.

Wow it's already Thursday! I have been busy painting my mother in laws room this week. She is visiting with Robert's sister for a couple of months but will be back in December. I wanted to get the room painted and decorate some to surprise her when she returns.

Tomorrow night I will be in my studio working on a few projects so be looking for posts this weekend. Thanks for stopping by.

Thank you to all the Veteran's that sacrifice so much for us and for our country. May God bless each of you 10 fold.

Happy Veteran's Day!

Nancy B

Monday, November 8, 2010

Triple Play

For the remaining 2 sheetw of cardstock for mini album pages, cut 6-3.5x3.5 pieces to make the fronts for the cards. You can add coordinating cardstock to creat your own look if you like.
Using you sheet of stamped die cuts and embellish away. For the holes along the spine use 3 small pieces of ribbon, threaded through and tied in square knots. This finishes of the project nicely and hides the holes. Don't forget to inking the edges of your cards.
Add envelope flats to complete the kit-This is a way cute gift!

"Triple Play" card kit

Supplies needed: your Triple Play kit plus 2 sheets of Colonial White cardstock.
Cut 2 pieces of cardstock to measure 3X5.25 (this will make the pockets to hold
Cut 6 pieces 3.5 x 7 for the card bases.
Stamp all the images per the kit instructions.
For the 2 CW cardstock pieces (3x5.25), score on the 5.25" side at .5" and at .75"
On the 3" side score at 2". Fold and cut out corners. Fold cardstock to make
envelope pocket and adhere it to the mini-album cardstock base. Adhere the pieces
to the base before you thread any ribbon through the holes.
Use a strong adhesive to hold flaps folded.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

How To..

Make this book you need 2 - 2 inch book rings, poster board, tabs, titles, inks, stamps, and ribbon. Cut front and back from poster board 6x6. Cover and decorate with your favorite papers. Cut out 10 Tabs of coordinating CTMH cardstock colors and lots of fun ribbon to dress up those rings. Let me hear from you if you have any questions. Thanks for stopping by.

CTMH Stamps 3

Here you can see that I did not have a picture of the stamp set so I stamped the set and labled it with name of set. The item number is a stamp in the set and stamps automatically when I inked the set. I also used the coordinating color to stamp the sets.
The stamping is easy. Take stamps while still on the sheet and turn set face up and ink. Stamp entire sheet at one time. Then clean and put set back in it holder. It's so easy and you will enjoy this book over and over again.

CTMH Stamps 2

Here you can see on the left that this is blush and the theme is sentiments. I took an old idea book and cut out not only the picture of the stamp set along with number and item number but I also cut out pictures of artwork that was shown with the stamp set.

CTMH Stamps

This is a little book I made that shows my
CTMH stamp inventory. I got the idea originally from Becky and then Beth made a similar one. Thanks for sharing ladies! Then at one of our crops we made them together and Beth lead us in the is project.

I love it because when I want the perfect set for a project I don't have to sort through all the stamp containers. The Close to My Heart Idea Book has the stamps set up by theme/season and they are color coordinated. So we followed that same idea. The tabs are all color coordinated to match the idea book themes/seasons. So if you are looking for a floral set you know most likely it will be in spring/floral which is buttercup in color. So you flip to the buttercup spring/floral tab. Viola!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Lil More Thanks

During the month of November, we’re expressing “A Little More Thanks” to you with a free My Acrylix® stamp set of your choosing! When you place a minimum order of $100 US / $117.50 CAN, you will not only receive the November Stamp of the Month set, A Little Thanks, for free, but you’ll also receive one free stamp set of your choice from the Autumn/Winter 2010 Idea Book! (Free stamp sets include set sizes A through D. Stamps that are not available as the free set include Workshops on the Go™, Stamp of the Month retail, E-size, and customizable K-size. Tax and shipping/handling may apply.) The November Constant Campaign is simply our way of imparting A Little MORE Thanks to you!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Cool Cross

Isn't this the coolest cross? Sheila has such a knack for creating and decorating. I love it!

We all learned how to mosaic 6x6 wooden picture frames. Everyone did such a great job and each had it's own look. Very cool! We all enjoyed making them and want to do more. It actually took 2 days to make. 1st day we created by glueing different colors of glass to our frame either in a pattern or wreckless abandon. Day 2 we grouted our artwork....that was kind of fun too. Someone said "It's like making mud pies". The frames had to sit over night after each step. The day we were leaving our masterpieces were complete and each one was special. Once they were cleaned up and the grout dried and lightened up they beautiful!!!

Splendor Mtn 2

The colors of fall were everywhere! It's as though we were transported into the next season. I had shorts on at home the night before. The all of a sudden we were in Autumn at it's finest.
I love the seasons.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Splendor Mtn GA

Judge Judy listened tentatively as to whether or not Mrs. Brown is found guilty of being a Christian or not. Mrs. Brown by all means looks and appears to be a Christian. She wears the attire, has the fish on her car, listens to Christian music, is at the church every time the doors are open......but is she really a Christian?
The jury had to return a unanimous ruling. This did not happen. So Judge Judy reviewed all the testimony and came to her own conclusion that Mrs. Brown is in fact a Christian. (Mrs. Brown was also Judge Judy's roomie) What a great skit. It gets you thinking about whether we walk through our life playing church or do we really represent Christ with a loving, compassionate life of God's grace extended to all we meet.
Would you be found guilty of being a Christian?

May you enjoy the day!! Nancy