Monday, November 8, 2010

"Triple Play" card kit

Supplies needed: your Triple Play kit plus 2 sheets of Colonial White cardstock.
Cut 2 pieces of cardstock to measure 3X5.25 (this will make the pockets to hold
Cut 6 pieces 3.5 x 7 for the card bases.
Stamp all the images per the kit instructions.
For the 2 CW cardstock pieces (3x5.25), score on the 5.25" side at .5" and at .75"
On the 3" side score at 2". Fold and cut out corners. Fold cardstock to make
envelope pocket and adhere it to the mini-album cardstock base. Adhere the pieces
to the base before you thread any ribbon through the holes.
Use a strong adhesive to hold flaps folded.

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