Friday, July 15, 2011

Anahiem is Great!

I had forgotten that Southern CA has the best weather of anywhere I have ever lived. It has been in the 70's since I arrived. A little cool in the morning and evening but wonderful!

Convention has been so exciting! Jeanette never let's us down when it comes to surprises with the new idea book and new products! And she always has the crafter's best interest at heart.

Yesterday we got the new idea books!!!! Amazing! Print has been enlarged, and stamps are at

100% WooHoo!

After lunch we attended Extravaganza, where we learned about the new products and neat ways to use them. Then we had the night off. We don't usually have much time off. It was quite nice to go out to dinner, relax and read the new idea book.

Today we have a keynote speaker from Disney and then make n takes in the afternoon. Should be another great day.

My roomie is still asleep so I am typing in the dark. Of course I am on central time and it's 2 hrs earlier here. It's alright though cuz i enjoy a little alone time before starting the day.

I know some of the surprises have been shared on Facebook so if you want to find out right away you can check it out at CTMH on Facebook.

Thanks for visiting with me!


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