Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2011 Christmas

This is our make shift Christmas tree in Tampa!  Isn't it great? 
We had the best time.  There were actually 8 adults and 4 dogs in a 3 bedroom apt.  Everyone got along well.  Well except for the few times I got on GRB's nerves (but isn't that a mom's job?).

From what I hear if you havcn't seen the movie "Elf" this is a scene right out of the movie.  "Santa's coming!!!!!!

The four amigos opening a treasure.  The excitement on their faces tells the whole story (yes, they just woke up).  Love these guys.

Don't these two look like they ought to be on a cruise ship sailing off somewhere warm!!

More fun people.  I don't know if you realize it or not but this is the room of an artist.  Can you guess which one he is? 

Everybody's favorite time - FAMILY PHOTOS!!!

and extended family

I am so proud of each of these young men....they are really making things happen in their lives.

Here is a momma this is so happy to be with her boy for Christmas that she cannot wipe that grin off her face!  And who would want to.

This one is lovin' life...  

as are these two brothers.  These 2 and the one above have been best friends all of their lives. They are all roommates  and figuring out life together. 

Everyone was happy today.

Did I mention everyone was happy.   Jesus is not the only birthday celebration we had on Christmas.  Jake turns 21 next week and even though we are not allowed to be around for the big event we wanted to send him birthday wishes.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAKE!!!!
May it be your best one yet.  We love you, man

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  1. Great Pictures! Wonderful Weekend!


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