Monday, December 19, 2011

Family Christmas 2011

We went home for a special birthday celebration and were surprised with 2 of my brothers coming in town at the same time.  This is one of our favorite family members.  Lucy doesn't know she is of the canine family.  We won't tell her any different.

My Aunt Gerry and 2 of my brothers:  Precious and Ricky...or so that is what Roy was referred to for the evening.  He was all about being the favorite and snubbing Ricky.  Susan and Ann dogged
Roy all night.  It is so good to laugh and laughing with family is the best.

Aunt Gerry and Ricky - she was having trouble deciding who was the bad one and who was the good one!

I see a Christmas card for next year!!!
Now that is a beautiful picture!  Merry Christmas everybody.  We love you.

Another Kodak moment!
More of my favorite people.  Love you
You guessed it....Aunt Gerry and Precious (AGAIN)

I am not sure why Karen is not singing.  Really I am not sure why Mike and Roy are?
I don't remember any singing.....oh maybe something about a partridge and a pear tree.

Wee -dee-dee-dee, dee-dee -dee-dee-dee duh wee dum bum bah way
Wee -dee-dee-dee, dee-dee -dee-dee-dee duh wee dum bum bah way
In the village the peaceful village the lion sleeps tonight

Let the birthday celebration begin!

Get out of what .........ticket?

What a great 24 hours!
Happy Birthday Mike!
We wish you many many more to come.

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