Monday, February 20, 2012

Cruisin' continued

Robert bartered and got this beautiful braid!  He looks great doesn't he!!! 
Look Jamaica is Americanized with a Burger King...oh wait there is no Burger King.  Only a sign....!
Here are some of our favorite people.  We headed back to the boat to hang out at the pool for the afternoon.  Mike and Karen taught us a new game while on the cruise called Triominoes!!!  If you have never played and you love need to try it. It is addicting.

Next morning as we were disembarking in Grand Cayman we spotted something alarrming  Arghhhh - pirate ships all around us. 

 It was a little early in the morning for pirates to  be awake, I am sure.  But you couldn't help but wonder if they were watching our ship.  Then when they would make their move to overtake our ship!

So we got off the ship and got on another boat that took us out to the edge of the water.  Atleast it looked that way.  The most beautiful water, clear emerald in color and you could see straight down for miles and then.....the water right ahead of the boat went from crystal clear to BLACK.  Kind of creepy....  Story goes that when ships would come in at the end of the day they would stop on that line to  clean their catch and disgard the fish guts off the boat.  Well lo and behold the sting rays would meet the boats for their supper.  This has been the case for many years.  We actually got off the boat and swam with the sting rays!  Crazy I know but we did.  Did I mention the water felt like ICE, brrrr.  It was a little scarey when you would see them swimming toward you. They don't pay you any attention.  The guides would actually catch the sting rays so you could pet them.  Pretty slimy.  But it was fun....kinda  ;)
Well I am turning in for the night.  I will post more pictures tomorrow.  Have a great week and find someone to bless.

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