Thursday, July 26, 2012

Convention highlights

Some of my favorite peeps with Close to My Heart:   Cindy (left) is my fabulous upline and Denise
is my sideline.  This was at the awards banquet.  Everyone puts on their prettiest and comes together for dinner, awards and entertainment which was the Texas Tenors.  If you have never heard of the Texas Tenor I suggest you google them.  They were EXCELLENT.  The whole evening was great.

Debbie (left) and I shared a room and Nancy has been our roommate other years.  We are die hard CTMH peeps.  And we love going to convention....every year we say "It can't possibly be any better next year" and every year Jeanette Lynton (Founder and CEO of Close to My Heart) and her staff manage to WOO us with a better convention.   How is that possible?!  We don't know but we look forward to it.

These are 3 of the minds that work so hard to make convention what it is!! 

Close to My Heart Directors are treated like royalty.  They even got their own stars this year!!!  It was really fun.  Thanks Cindy for being a star!!

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