Friday, June 28, 2013


Well we are here at Coronado Springs in Disneyland!
We have gotten the Autumn Winter Idea book and boy is it exciting to see all that is new with CTMH.  There is always so many new things shared at General Session which is first thing every morning.  Then we go to lunch then to the next session and so on.  By the time we return to our room in the evening we are on overload and it is hard to find a good place to start.  But the idea book is a great
thing to show you.
The next exciting news is this!

With oodles of images in each of 15 layout themes, you can create several coordinating pages for each theme using just two keys and one dial size.  More info later.
Well you can do this with the new cartridge!
But more later about that...
New Home Decor Wood frames
Then there is
Base and bling where you can create your own jewelry

There is so much more to show you but I have to save some for tomorrow

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