Friday, July 24, 2015

A gift for a friend

I decorated this clipboard with one of my favorite paper packs (no it is not CTMH) and am giving it to one of my favorite peeps.  Debbie and I have know each other for forever.  We are sidelines in Close to My Heart world.  When we met we found that we had so many things in common including our love for CTMH.  We live many miles apart but we pick right back up where we left off every year at convention.  It's the best!
Life has brought about many changes over the years but friendship is a constant one hopes will never change.  Don't mean to get mushy.  Just reflecting on my 22 years with Close to My Heart and the many ladies I have met and grown close to and am honored to call my friends.  Thank you all for sharing life with me and the love of crafting.  Until we pick up again where we left off I pray you never run short of craft supplies and that God directs the desires of your heart.
Enjoy your Friday,

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