Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Our latest journey

I thought I might share with you this journey that my husband, Robert and I have been traveling for about the last 18 months.  If you did not know, Robert has heart issues that over his life time have reared its ugly head many times.  Each time we make changes to our life style and the situation seemsd to improve.  Until the next time......

So... many of you know that about a year and a half ago Robert had another episode and was taken to the hospital with severe chest pains.  They ran a multitude of tests and decided that there was nothing they could do for him.  It seems that the artery on the backside of his heart (known as the widow maker) is blocked.  And evidently because of the location of this artery a stint cannot be done. 

The cardiologist said that the best thing Robert and I could do is to make changes to our life style.  Eat a plant based diet, exercise at least 3 times a week and remove as much stress from his life as possible.  Hmmmm.....interesting and sounds challenging.

So our adventure began.  We started by reading as much as we could (and there is a ton of information out there) about the vegan lifestyle.  We had already changed so much about our eating habits that it wasn't a drastic change for us.  The biggest change was rethinking meals that are not processed and do not include meat and dairy(this is my weakness)..... I can recommend several very good books if you happen to be interested in this lifestyle type. 

One of the first things that was recommended is to start with a clean system.  So we began a week of just that.  Without going into details it was not at all an unpleasant event and we carried out our daily routine of work and home life without any issues. 

Next we started preparing meals differently.  Less cooking, more fresh, healthy fruits and vegetables.
We both have lost a good amount of weight and feel healthier for this change. 

Robert still has pain at times but nothing like it was and not all the time.

WARNING:  If you decide to proceed with this lifestyle I must warn you.  Those around you will not accept this change well.  They will accuse you of starving yourself...., loosing too much weight and anything else that will justify why what you are doing is bad but their way is best.  DISREGARD this nonsense.  More and more studies are showing that many, many of the illnesses plaguing our country today is due to our bad diets, processed foods and the chemicals that everything is laced with.

Know that what you are doing can only improve your quality of life.  I will continue to share on this topic and share some recipes that we love.
Enjoy the sunshine,

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  1. I am so proud of you both for making these necessary changes. I pray that you will both remain strong and healthy. Knowing you, I'm sure that your diet remains balanced and healthy, just with many different and usually healthier alternatives for protein. You go!


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