Saturday, September 5, 2015

Operation Smile Crop Make n Take

Just a quick note to show the cute card we made at our quarterly crop.  The braided technique makes this cute card even cutier. 

Line template up with the fold of the card.  Center it up.  Paper clip at top and bottom to help hold template in place. 

You don't want the lines of the template to be too close to either end of the card or you will cut through the card.
Cut on each line - be sure to cut to end of each line but not beyond.  Remove template (save to reuse)
Open card with the inside face down ^^^^^^^
Take bottom 1st piece and fold down toward you
then cut that piece straight across. Save piece to be used later in the card
Next go to 3rd piece and fold it down in the same manner but do not cut anymore pieces.  Tuck the point of this piece under the point of the one below it.
Proceed to every other piece and fold down and tuck.
Once complete you can see at the top where the pattern is incomplete.  This is where
the piece you cut out goes.
Glue it to match the rest of the pieces to complete the pattern, and tuck.
Close card and pinch the creases. 
Thats all there is to it.
Now decorate.  Please share your completed cards and let me know how you liked
this technique.  Thanks for stopping by, Nan

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